Daily Prompt: Roxy’s Moxie

Roxy lived

Hiding in her shell,

Afraid of showing

Her true, bright  self.

Then she met him

Who showed her the world

And how to survive in it.

Though now he’s gone,

She still remembers

How she finally got the moxie

From him whose name is Rocky.šŸ˜œ

Daily Prompt: CaperĀ 

Zhongshan Park, Xiamen

He capered his way 

Into her life,

Saying , “Today’s the day,

I start anew.” 

But his capering nature 

Couldn’t make him stay. 

And he capered away 

Out of her life. 

Zhongshan Park, Xiamen

Daily Prompt: Caper 




The savage in you

Like to tickle me

To death ā€“ you

Relish seeing me squirm

When your hands start sneaking slowly





My arms, my waist

Then up the sides of my breasts

Where your fingers deftly move

Like a pianistā€™s hands on the keys

Or a wolfā€™s claws on its prey.


July 5, 2000

(Written 17 years ago when love meant something totally different. Sigh.)Ā 


Daily Prompt: SavageĀ 

Daily Prompt: SavageĀ 

Your roots savagely grow down 

From you, growing faster and stronger 

As they reach the ground 

And later strangle you. 

You from whom they came from. 

If you could stop them, 

Would you? 

(Banyan trees are also known as “strangler figs” for their “strangling” growth  habit. The roots descend from the branches and grow a pseudotrunk that makes it look like it’s strangling the main trunk. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of a pseudotrunk although I’ve seen so many here in Xiamen. I chose these two photos for the way the roots seem to grow savagely from the branches.) 

May you have a CALM week, not a savage one. šŸ’•šŸ˜

Daily Prompt: TenderĀ 

Looking outside the window 

I imagine you 

Running towards me, 

On this field of tender clouds, 

You who love 

Wide, open spaces. 

This could be your playground. 

I’m not running on these clouds though. 

I’m flying home to you.  

Wait for me.  
Daily Prompt: Tender