Daily Prompt: Tender 

Looking outside the window 

I imagine you 

Running towards me, 

On this field of tender clouds, 

You who love 

Wide, open spaces. 

This could be your playground. 

I’m not running on these clouds though. 

I’m flying home to you.  

Wait for me.  
Daily Prompt: Tender 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic 

I know science can explain this, but it was the first time I saw the sky like this and I thought it was magical. I took these photos a few weeks ago from my balcony. It was a little after 6 in the morning. (I sent a copy to a friend right away, and he asked if it was photoshopped. This has not been photoshopped. )

My husband said the Chinese call it 火烧云 which literally means “fire burn cloud” or burning clouds. It surely looks like that. 


May you have a magical weekend. 🙂 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic