Not about me…

I tried to become a nun but failed, tried to stay single but failed. But my failures led me to a life that is not so bad. I am married to a wonderful man, and we are blessed with a son whose autism has brought out the best qualities of my husband as a father and the… hmm … I do not know what it has brought out in me, but here I am, still optimistic and trying to enjoy life by musing on it.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on life.

5 thoughts on “Not about me…

  1. I am glad you liked my photo challenge post, it resulted in me visiting your blog and I am glad I did. Thank you for the person you are, I like the way you have positively perceived and accepted your failures and used them to embrace your life.Thank you.

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  2. I thought I was following your blog, but somehow it stopped showing up in my box! Aaah! I thought maybe you had stopped blogging, then you pop up today, and I find your work hasn’t been coming to me! I start over again!

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