Daily Prompt: Impression

Impressions of my two homes: Jimei, China and Iligan, Philippines


Jimei, China


Jimei, China

iligan (2)

Iligan, Philippines


Iligan, Philippines

Daily Prompt: Impression

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Impression

  1. Aren’t you originally from Mindanao? Martial law presently in effect!
    I envy you, your capacity to constantly project beauty when the world around you is monstrous – Gods fighting for preeminence. Watch yourself; I’ve never met you personally but it would be a shame to lose you. Light.

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    • Yes, I am. Thank you so much for your kind words. There is Martial Law, and somehow people back home feel safer now. But I’ve lost that toughness I used to possess after living away from my country for a long time. So when I fly back home in a couple of days, it won’t be without a little fear. Thanks again.


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