A week of healthy eating

I survived a week of no rice, no bread, no pasta. It was all veggies and the occasional egg. There was no dancing for three days because my schedule didn’t allow it, but I still lost weight!

Last year I had trouble sleeping because I was hungry after not eating anything later than 4pm. But now I eat crackers or a banana in the evening and sleep through the night.

For lunch today I made salad and sautéed king oyster mushroom and added celery. The mushroom and celery mix was so good! I will not miss pork or beef at all if I have this kind of mushroom.

Hope you reach your goal of losing weight and staying healthy!


Week 6 Prompt: Flourish

After a week of intermittent rains, the mushrooms flourished on the lawns of our campus.

Jimei, Xiamen

Jimei, Xiamen

Jimei, Xiamen

Feel free to use the prompt for your own posts.

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