Mother’s Memories

You stared blankly into space  
As if looking at something 
That only you could see. 

Then you opened your mouth to speak 
About old friends and the fun times you had with them 
And how there was only peace among everyone 

You said you wanted to go back to the old house 
With the people you say were your real friends. 

We wish we could give you what you want. 
But the house has been gone for over half a century 
And your friends’ tombstones have even faded 

I wiped a tear away as I felt I was no longer in your memory. 
But I braved myself to ask,  “Do you know who I am?”
You turned to look at me and softly said my name, 

 And added, “My dearest child.” 

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Memories

  1. A wonderful piece you have written above!

    i see that you favoured a comment..

    Not really understanding why it really doesn’t matter..

    i ask that you come again possibly having a read..

    cheers chris


    Memories of mother, where she has passed by my life, some forty- seven years now a women struggle for the safety of us three children..

    i would honestly say that i do miss her, last i walked her grave was last year, not very responsible for a loving child…


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