Laughter and Pain


Beautiful Mindanao

In this life I think we all have good years and bad years. Sometimes when we are having a good year, we ask (like I often do), “Do I really deserve this? Have I been really that good to deserve all these wonderful things?” And when we are having a bad year, we ask (like I ALWAYS do), “Seriously. What have I done to deserve this?”

And I’m having a bad year. It has gotten so bad that now I could laugh at an unfortunate incident my husband and I found ourselves in yesterday. It struck me that my life these past few months has been a black comedy.

The other day while I was doing the dishes, I thought of Job and how his faith was tested. I hope this is just a test as well, and that my husband and I will pass this test with flying colors. And that we will be laughing a real laugh, not the one tinged with pain.

I have always believed, and I know from experience that it’s true that “this too shall pass.”

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Laughter and Pain

  1. Nice photo! I’ve recently read a book on suffering and the author says this life is like a proving ground. He witnessed the proving ground for International Harvester earth mover tractors in the harsh deserts of Arizona. Before many watchers on bleachers, these monstrous tractors had to perform all kinds of trials over hot, dry, hard, rocky, desert ground. If they passed, construction companies would buy that model. We must pass our proving grounds, through the trials or tests here in this life. Of course with Jesus at our side, steering the way. When we do pass, we’ll receive our accolades from God and all those who’ve gone before (rather like graduating from high school or college!). Keep on, girl! You can do it.

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