Weekly Photo Challenge : Pedestrian 

The first time I came across the word “pedestrian” as an adjective was in an article by a literary critic describing a writer’s use of language as such. “Pedestrian” — ordinary, uninteresting, lacking imagination. 

Pedestrian, as an adjective,  is subjective. What is ordinary isn’t necessarily uninteresting to some. 

Just look at this lotus leaf …

An old decaying leaf. 

While people were eager to take photos of the flowers nearby, hardly anybody noticed this leaf except for some (perhaps equally pedestrian beings) like me who see something interesting in this old leaf, with droplets of rain on it. (My husband who saw this photo just now said it’s nice. “It’s dirty but nice.” Hmmm. OK.)

There’s nothing pedestrian about this leaf from my perspective. But then again pedestrian IS subjective. 
Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian 

Daily Prompt: Wheel

This is a ship music box that a friend gave me about ten years ago before he left China. It had been sitting in my office for years until one day a year ago, I brought my son to the office, and not finding anything else that interested him, I gave him this. It plays Fur Elise (Mozart never fails to calm him down) as the wheel goes round, and that was all that was needed to keep him in one place. So then I brought it home. 

I never consciously taught my son to call it a music box. He knows the words “ship” and “boat,” but somehow he did not associate those words with this thing. One day, though, when he wanted to play with this but he couldn’t reach it, he grabbed my hand to try to get me to reach for it saying, “There!” And I said, “What is it? What do you want?” And he thought and later blurted, “Ferris wheel!” 

That wheel DOES look like a Ferris wheel!

I corrected him, but that got me thinking about how we perceive things. I guess for him because it’s only the wheel that moves and it makes a sound as it does, that was all he could see. He couldn’t really see the ship. 

Have a lovely Wednesday! 💕
Daily Prompt: Wheel 

Daily Prompt:Cringe

As a child, I always either cringed or ran away at the sight of insects (especially flying ones like moths and cockroaches) and bats! Now I’m married to a man who grew up in a farm and finds insects fascinating.

We noticed this moulting cicada one afternoon while we were walking, and my first question was, “Is it going to fly?” He assured me it wasn’t going to fly. Yet. So I got my phone camera  ready and started snapping pictures of this creature that would normally make me cringe, but which my husband looked at with…a meaningful smile.

I got to see this cicada shedding off its skin and growing its wings just a couple of days after my husband and I watched Alien:Covenant (not my kind of movie, but when you’re married you sometimes have to watch movies that you don’t like!) This cicada reminded me of the creatures that the android character, David, created. The word “beautiful” never came to mind. But after seeing this photo on my iPad with my reading glasses on … I thought it looks quite interesting.

Perhaps those things that usually make us cringe just need a closer inspection. Perhaps we’ll change our minds.

But nah, I’m not interested in taking a closer look at cockroaches.

Have a lovely Monday! 💕

Daily Prompt: Cringe