When I was younger, “ghosting” was not the term for when someone you had been chatting or texting with all of a sudden went quiet.

As an older person who has experienced being ghosted and ghosting someone, I realize “ghosting” is merely a one-sided view of the situation. The one who stops texting (A) does not think of her “indifference”as “ghosting” as she is just living her life. She does not see the need to text or contact because she is busy with other things.

If the other person she has been texting with (B) also has a busy life, her (A’s) absence or silence will not be an issue. But if B relies heavily on A’s “company,” then B will definitely see A’s silence as “ghosting.”

Is someone “ghosting” you? Or you just need more friends? 😉

Have a fun-filled weekend!


11 thoughts on “Ghosting

  1. Why I tell people to always go off a person consistent actions over their words… or lack there of words in this case…. because a person consistent actions will always tell you what you need to know in how they actually feel about you… even if they never tell you

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      • But again, going back to my statement about if you’re really interested into someone, you’re going to make a real effort to get to know them and try and go on an actual date. Let me ask you something… if I meet a girl who works at the mall and we get to talking and I ask for her number, but she tells me she’s interested in getting to know me more, but just doesn’t want to give me her number, or any social media info just yet. If I decide to leave that mall that day and not show back up within the next month to where I now know she works to see her and get to know her more, was I really interested in her?..


      • Only you can answer that question. Many things can happen that may prevent one from going back even if they may be interested.

        This happened to a friend of mine who met someone he really liked on a trip to another country. But he had a plane to catch. He got her email address written on a piece of paper and put it in his pocket. He forgot about it and when he did remember, his jeans had been washed and the paper in it. Years have passed but he still brings it up in conversation. All he had was her name. He was interested in her but not enough to make him fly to another country to see her again.


  2. Ghosting can be a one sided view if you never bother to reach out to the person you think has ghosted you to check and make sure they are alright or bring your concern up to them , because to your point the person can be real busy with other things and with you being just an option and not a priority in their life. However, if someone think enough to text or leave a voicemail twice and mentioned that they were just checking up on you , since they hadn’t heard from you in maybe a couple of days, it doesn’t take much effort and only maybe 5 seconds to send a text back to let them know you’ve been busy but is good, oppose to not saying nothing.

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I’ve had a couple of friends reacting so differently from each other on this topic, simply because one side saw it from the point of friendship and the other of dating. I guess if it’s a good friend who’s gone quiet on you, you wouldn’t think it’s ghosting and wouldn’t hesitate to text or even call to see how they are doing. But if it’s someone you’re dating or just getting to know by texting/chatting, you’d probably be hesitant to keep texting them after like 10 texts that have been ignored?

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